Yes, I would love to hear what average “revenue share” writers make with the Guardian

Yes, I would love to hear what average “revenue share” writers make with the Guardian

Yes, I would love to hear what average “revenue share” writers make with the Guardian

It seems like we’re mostly hearing either from staffers at Guardian like yourself who edit and train other writers as well as writing (is it necessary to do both to make a real hourly rate?), or brand newbies like Jonathan.

Interesting that 2 years on, there don’t seem to be any just-plain-writers here that are successful with Guardian and excited to share what writers can earn on this platform.

Heather, I’ve only just started to really, actively market my services, and this month I’ve got $3000 worth of work on deck…and I promise you, I’m not writing *nearly* 30 articles for that. Half of that was made from two projects, each around 500 words.

It’s easy to *say* you’re making a living…but you’ve yet to give us any real numbers. I’ve just bared my numbers for the month. Now, if you want to convince us GLV is a viable client, let’s see you do the same.

I actually had a flat-fee gig years back with a CBS website where we had a 1x a day posting requirement. But at least I had guaranteed income.

Also, how much can you earn if you’re just writing, rather than participating in the MLM scheme of having to recruit your own team of sub-writers that you also edit?

But it’s just not sustainable…think I maybe lasted a year before realizing I’d never be able to take a vacation again under that setup. No thanks!

Yeah, the whole revshare model has always seemed like a gamble to me. I’d rather have a sure thing – and I’m sure my landlord, utility companies, and insurance company would, too.

Yes, if only my cable company would give me the service on the possibility I might pay them in future, revshare would be great.

It baffles me how many people out there are still having a go at these scammy, spammy marketing and SEO strategies. Especially since Google’s Panda, Penguin &Hummingbird algorithm updates…

The amount of badly written emails that still slip through my spam filter, trying to rope me into some kind of SEO link-building scheme or pay-per-post blogging network – is alarming!

Why would I pay money to guest post on some over-optimised, irrelevant blog (which has a decent overall PR just because it’s been around for a while) – when I can guest post for free on a relevant, high-traffic blog in my niche just by sending them a friendly email?

My theory on it is Demand Media went public and their owners made a fortune…and lots of wannabe entrepreneurs saw that, and imagine they could be the next DMD.

Except Demand went public the last minute before Google set out to kill the mass junk content model, and it doesn’t work anymore…and never paid writers very well, in the main, anyway.

What a grind!

I like the ones that tell me about how groundbreaking and game-changing and novel their idea is…except it’s never much different from the million sites like this already out there.

I still usually get at least several every week…decided to do this post after getting several in a DAY…was sort of a snapping point for me.

meseekarticles seems spammy, it doesn’t even have an about/FAQ page. Also, the top writers are the same – it probably just displays static text.

About the ever-lasting story thing, I don’t know what’s the point – 1) There are no ads (or any other monetization techniques) on the page. 2) The homepage is a default Weebly website, (created with a website builder) yet it says it was hosted with Hostgator, and the Hostgator link wasn’t even an affiliate link?

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