A picture is worth a thousand words is a popular saying. That statement underscores the importance of imagery to branding. We work together with each client to create unique graphic contents and illustrated visuals that channel their personality and voice. Each artwork produced is unique, distinctive and personalized according to the client’s branding and music releases.


We prepare promotional materials that tell the world all there is to know about an artist and share them to media houses and press members. Press kits prepared by the agency are detailed and efficient in delivering intended results.



We craft compelling bios for artists and brands that need one. A bio written by us may be all that you need to propel your brand to the next level. Those with an existing bio can also benefit. We will give your bio a facelift to make it more appealing.



There is a story to every song. We will blend the stories in your songs to create a clear message for your audience. Creative writers are available to help improve your story if necessary.


We create data backed campaigns for labels, artists and brands. Using industry sourced data, we will create personalized and comprehensive PR and media campaigns for you or your brand. We adhere to timelines and generate measurable results within given time.



Labels, artists, and brands can enjoy our web services which include web design, development, and maintenance. We create responsive, visually appealing websites and also maintain them. The websites are also fed with engaging content laid with messages that channel the client’s voice.