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In the most AHS: Coven, Fiona Goode is the glamorous, narcissistic Finest Witch of your coven of one’s Salem descendants. Like most ENTJs, Fiona are worry about-convinced and power-hungry straight from the beginning.

ENTJs have trouble determining her ideas, and their emotional unplug may lead these to become inconsiderate for the someone else. We come across visit their website Fiona’s anxiety about thinking in her own reference to the girl very own child (that’s poisoned having jealousy) along with her anxiety about perishing alone. Such as for example Fiona, ENTJs are proper, goal, and you will hard when necessary.

six Bette And you may Dot Tattler: ENFP & ISTJ

Bette and you will Mark Tattler (the brand new conjoined twins out of AHS: Nut Reveal) are commercially one or two separate anyone, but like their letters, both of these (different) character systems need to adhere with her. Bette is an enthusiastic ENFP, an identity form of which is characterized by its gusto for a lifetime as well as their curious and you will supportive nature. Even as we find in the let you know, Bette is daring and you may offered to like and dating inside an excellent way that her sister isn’t. Dot, at the same time, was an old ISTJ: of course guarded, opinions her privacy, and you may, unfortunately on her, likes operating alone.

5 Elsa Mars: ENFJ

Elsa Mars is the new German collector out of people oddities and you will “nut inform you manager” in AHS: Freak Tell you. She included a terrible backstory and a risky addiction to fame.

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