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ATARAID Resources RAID help having ATA drives are now provided by a good amount of people, somewhat Promise and Highpoint

Which have instance a system contain the fresh new disks to your program and you may create room using this drive to help you areas of new file area in which necessary, also migrating data out from a drive developing problems for other drives before catastrophic incapacity occurs

drive!development!RAID! Speaking of supported in kernel 2.cuatro and soon after. For more information have a look at for more information. profiles to learn more. Application RAID

drive!technologies!RAID!Application RAID A lot of operating system render application RAID playing with average disks and you may controllers. Prices was lower and gratification getting raw disk IO is going to be extremely high. That can be very Cpu rigorous it does increase force substantially therefore if the system are Cpu bound in performance rather then IO sure you are best off with a hardware PCI-to-RAID control. Genuine cost, efficiency and particularly reliability off app against. equipment RAID is actually an incredibly debatable question. Accuracy on the Linux possibilities have been very good to date. The present day software RAID investment into the Linux ‘s the RAID Profile

computer!innovation!RAID! Far could have been discussing it while the curious audience try demanded to learn more about this in the .

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