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The guy informed me “Son- You are children, but do not pay attention to someone else

In the central age Timsok.(After the top of your Partisans) He knew my dad really. Never procrastinate. Go east.” Very that’s what i did. We wanted to arrive at Pleshnitz, that has been on the other side of old Polish-Russian border. The issue there is certainly full a mess. One evening, only owners that were former Soviet individuals were permitted to go east. Others was bought to show back.

John Markman 1909 46 2

We acquired a simple content; GTCTC: Hi.. mind a great attack ?? GTCTC: We obtained a email towards alpert name away from you ?? EilatGordn: Are you here? GTCTC: sure i found the new naturalization documentation back at my pops . thus i learn basically as he arrived EilatGordn: whenever did it showed up? GTCTC: october 18 1898 EilatGordn: Where is your Alpert of?

GTCTC: elia russia EilatGordn: Exploit is regarding near by Kurenets EilatGordn: were there other history names out-of Ilia? GTCTC: they age thru hamburg Germany EilatGordn: Have you any idea in the event that almost every other family members where into the Ilia when you look at the Holocaust? EilatGordn: I have the new Yizkor guide having Ilia GTCTC: do not understand

GTCTC: i know one my personal grandfather and his brother and you may mom and you can i believe his aunt appeared more during the 1898 with his father emerged a few years prior to GTCTC: yes and no about what papers i search,, 1920 census claims it came in 1904 but towards naturalzation they says 1898 EilatGordn: Are you experiencing one members of the family into the Israel regarding the Ilia front? GTCTC: you should never see ,, i started my lookup simply six months back ,, not much relatives alive that knows something EilatGordn: in which will you be? GTCTC: florida EilatGordn: i’m into the L.A great. and is also 6;twenty six are here GTCTC: I am aware my personal high grandfathers name are Samuel. Their fathers’ identity is Abraham. Subj: “they e out of altuch ” Date: 5/ 4: PM Pacific Sunlight Day Regarding: EilatGordn To help you: GTCTC

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