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In the earl off Douglas, whom partnered Margaret, child regarding Robert III

The household out-of Polkellie, sprung away from your, continued for nearly 150 ages, whenever Mure, the very last of this home, lead, the girl entire heredity came into possession of that family unit members.

He previously five sons and you may a daughter

Rankine, the fresh new youngest kid, are “commonlie called of Abercorn,” states the fresh new ‘Historie,’ “not too he’d these types of lands into the lifestyle, for this doth never appear by historie neither obvious you to definitely ever reach my personal give, despite of your own popular customs thairanent, being based thair given that bailiffe and you may a leader officer significantly less than his lord, brand new earle out of Duglass, that have costs from their men thair in every his good atchiefements.” The guy “flower in order to no indicate regard, lay, and you will energy, that is said to has actually reached in order to higher possessions during the Stirlingshire within this Abercorn, brand new Carses Calder or any other places surrounding in which he plus settled divers regarding their surname and you will family.” He was an energetic and you will stirring opponent off Sir Alexander Livingstone out of Calender, protector of your young queen, James II., one of many principal foes of your earl out of Douglas.

Rankine’s grandson a lot of time stored the actual castle from Abercorn on Douglases, and you may are killed if it was stormed, and fuel of this great loved ones overthrown.

He age Kennedy, daughter of knight of Dunure, predecessor of your own ed Robert.

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