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Massuda Sues Hassan in New York, 1899

Masouda is called in defendant’s papers the girlfriend of Hadji Hamed, another plaintif, but both Masouda and Hadji Hamed deny that union and insist they are just companies couples and are usually today in very difficult fortune

a task is found on toes to create in new york a Mohammedan escort services in Tulsa mosque or School, to give somewhere of praise for all the few supporters associated with prophet indeed there, and a spiritual class in which Arabian youngsters may understand everything was important in american civilization without having to be led out of the teachings of Islam.

Arabian men, probably 50 annually, are to see in ny a thorough legal, medical, clinical and technical instruction

The Eedm Oriental society, an important Arabian religious and benevolent association, with head office in Morocco , are moving the project, possesses named Hassan Ben Ali, of 531 Sixth path , as its representative. He’s been seeing real-estate retailers, architects therefore the building department the past four weeks, and contains sent to Morocco ideas for a building to cast $94,000.

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