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The feeling was indescribably wonderful; the latest bra and you may girdle combination entirely reshaped me personally on the good curvaceous person

My personal earliest feel

….my personal pooch stomach was went, my personal midriff pouch are went and i also is easy and you may curvy. At this point the original tightness out of both bra and girdle got reduced to simply a soft firmness. She told you this will be typical and once thirty minutes otherwise so that you does not even note that you’re using a beneficial bra and you can girdle.

After a few moments, she asked basically wanted to score naked but really. I answered: “not even…should i don the newest bra and you can girdle for many instances?” She said Okay, but immediately after dressed in her or him you to enough time, you may be familiar with the help just in case you are taking him or her from you will likely feel a little “flabby”. I continued to wear the bra and you may girdle (and you may, fundamentally I had attached pantyhose into girdle’s 6 garters so you can hold the girdle in place) throughout the morning and afternoon, for about half a dozen hours total. Whenever i sooner undressed, she are best, I did feel ugly and you will “loose” and might not hold back until We again dressed.

So it impression is still with me anyway of them age, which is why I enjoy dressing up; beginning with an excellent “good” girdle and you can bra (longline variety of course). From inside the seeking to explain just what a good “good” girdle is, one could just note is really what that they like and will be offering the newest amount of handle desired/called for.

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