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Shinji ‘s the just boy and you can son out of Enchantra and one off Sabrina’s classmates in the enchanting world of Witch World. The guy acts as an ambitious bully in order to Sabrina along with her ideal friend Veralupa. Why he can not tell Sabrina that he wants their was that he knows that she loves Jim. In the first episode, the guy visited score her off Greendale so you’re able to persuade the girl in order to check out a party regarding witch globe. He significantly is much like their mother, Enchantra. His father are unknown; allegedly inactive. His magic rod was blood-reddish and some bumpy and you can rounded to look at. His natural phenomenal aura is whitish-yellow.


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Identity and you will Faculties [ ]

Shinji appears to be a horrible, selfish, and you will heartless vindictive warlock and only eg his mother, Enchantra, he’ll go so far as trying to get Sabrina from inside the dilemmas simply because she would not have a bite that have your.

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