Client: Asurf Films

Collaborators: FIRS

Services Delivered: Campus Tour

Country: Nigeria

Date: 2020

Hakkunde is a Nollywood movie that showcases some of the challenges faced by many fresh university graduates in Nigeria. The movie starring some of the country’s top movies stars chronicles the life of a young Nigerian man and his quest to achieve financial freedom. The search for greener pastures led him on a journey from Lagos, in the West, to Nigeria’s North.

He eventually flourished in the North. There, he identified a challenge facing his host community and proffered a solution. He set up a business around this and profited greatly. Thus, he became financially free far away from his home region where he was struggling after graduating.

This movie with an important message for Nigerian youths was taken on a tour of 10 university campuses by FIRS and other collaborators. The tour was handled by our agency. A combined audience of over 20 thousand students and lecturers saw the movie during this campus tour.